Online Poker Affiliate Marketing Strategy: Blogging


If you’re an online poker affiliate and don’t have a minumum of one website setup, you’re missing the ship. Blogs are a terrific way to promote poker and are quite simple to use as traffic generators. Here is a fast start guide to getting you up and running with your online poker blog.

1. Choose Your Weapon – There are just two blogging platforms I would recommend using, either will do the job just fine so it is entirely your choice. The initial is Blogger. Blogger is a great solution to have yourself a site up in and online in only minutes and will not ask that you spend a dime on a domain name or hosting accounts. It’s possible to customize your blogger template with advertisements and begin blogging within only moments. The second reason is WordPress. If you currently have a website name (or don’t mind registering ) and a web hosting account, you could install WordPress for free. If your server provides you use of Fantastico, it is possible to have WordPress mechanically installed in your domain name in just a couple of mouse clicks. There are pro’s and con’s to both programs but both may allow you to get up and running easily.

2. Decide to website About – you can find many different topics related to poker you can potentially weblog about. Home games, online tournaments, televised tourneys, your last day at Vegas… the list continues on . Pick an interest and go with it.

3. Submit Your RSS Feed – Irrespective of which blogging platform you select, you’ll get an RSS feed included. After making your first blog article, submit your feed into blog and feed directories. This will generate incoming links (that will be essential for any range of reasons) in addition to directory traffic.

4. Write! – Update your blog at least a couple times each and every moment. Make certain that you’re adding important keyword phrases on your articles that will attract visitors.

That is all there is to it! Blogging is a very easy way to rapidly publish new content into the internet of course, if you do this consistently daily, you are going to build a great base of unique material which will generate traffic to one day in and day out.

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