Healing Grief & Loss Attitude

Little & Big Grief Attitude:

Nothing that grieves you and intensely detours your painful heart from healing can be identified as small an insignificant. To Be proactive carefully, kindly, and regularly doing many little things is not a little thing. Deposits of unfinished grief can reside in your heart. Grieving can be cyclical. Your personal grief may be small to some and large to you. Nonetheless your unique grief clock keeps the correct time. To grieve and mourn from an aching heart is okay. It is wasted energy to attempt to measure the size of the sorrow you feel, small or large. Simply acknowledge your sorrow and move forward with a healing attitude.

Grief Acceptance Attitude:

Getting through life without some pain is impossible. How you choose to react to the personal pain life presents is what is important. Can you give yourself permission to grieve? Grieving and deep sorrow are not a weakness but natures way of healing your broken heart. Grieving is a journey that teaches you how to reconcile your sorrow and loss in a new way. Even when you feel healed, you will never be the same as you were before your grief happening. An attitude to accept your grief condition is essential to you finding the empowerment capacity to start healing.

“If we say, “This is never going to work… ” then chances are excellent it never will”. ~John Assaraf

Grieving provides a new path to heal. Letting go of the things that are gone and grasping hold of your new circumstances is essential. Healing from grief and loss is a vital sorting process of sorting. You can build hope and happiness again.

Attitude About Your Past:

When Grief happens in your life there will be things that you don’t want to occur but you must accept, things you may not want to learn and a new you to embrace in the future. Certain new conditions are now permanent changes. There is a certain probability that you will grieve forever. You will learn to live with your sorrow and rebuild yourself around the loss and grief in your heart. The healing of your grief is in your reconciling. You will never be the same but you can be whole again. You must never forget happiness even if hope and gladness temporarily forget you.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” ~William James

Given your new circumstance, when you let go of your old life you had before your horrendous grief happening, you can become what you might be. A new way of being can be so painful yet rewarding beyond your imagination. Having an attitude of letting go of the person you were can provide possibilities for beneficial change and emotional and spiritual transformation.

Internal Empowerment Attitude:

You will must always remember you have undiscovered strength. You are smarter than you think, much braver than you have imagined and stronger than you believe. Don’t deny the pain you feel. Grit your teeth if you must. Definitely don’t be overwhelmed by your sorrow and what you have lost. You can endure much more than you think you can. Will you consider learning how to not be overcome by the anguish you feel? The courageous journey is your transition through your difficult time.

“You don’t have the power to make life “fair,” but you do have the power to make life joyful.” ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Understand that only you can complete your personal road to recovery. Support groups, friends and family may only help you get on the correct path but it is still up to you! Depending upon your attitude grief and sorrow are only a passage not a place to permanently stay. Your sense of loss and grief must give way to healing hope and peace. Your healing is in the reconciling of your condition. You can rekindle a happy life and overcome loss and pain. Seldom can you choose your external situations, but you can always choose how to respond to them.

If you will embrace your grief and recognize your sorrow and loss for what it is – feel it, wear it, acknowledge it, it is likely that it will fade, shrink and diminish. A healing empowerment attitude will take its place. Your attitude determines the possibilities and quality of your life no matter what circumstances you face.

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