A Review of the Paulson Tophat Cane Poker Chip Set


Many individuals struggle whenever deciding on a poker chip place due to the sheer number of sets that can be found on the market now. Many places are made rather cheaply and deficiency the quality and durability often represented within the traditional poker sets utilised in casinos around the world.

But, there’s 1 place that really does preserve exactly precisely the same quality and strength since these sets and that’s the Paulson Tophat Cane poker collection. I’d need to say, after playing with these chips firsthand, that they significantly outperforming other models readily available in the marketplace today BandarQ.

The Paulson Tophat Cane poker collection is made and fabricated from the undisputed leader when it has to do with chips and that’s the corporation called Paulson. When evaluating the clay employed at the production of these processors, you will shortly discover it is the maximum tier used to date.

In the event that you are interested in using exactly the same types of chips which can be utilized in casinos worldwide, you will be content to know that the producing method is exactly the exact same for Paulson poker chips whilst the chips that you see in casinos. All things considered, whenever you decide to buy this chip set, you are actually receiving authentic casino grade poker chips.


You can find a number of benefits buying Paulson poker collections. First, the chips have the highest quality. Just like standard casino processors, these possess the 2/1000 regulation regarding thickness. In addition it’s essential to understand why these chips have a beautiful color inlay that is denomination specific.

Just enjoy people in casinos, so you will also observe that there is an advantage area design that is multicolored. The inlay isn’t only painted to this chip; it is actually sealed in to the poker chip. In the event you prefer to keep your own poker chips at top condition, you are going to be happy to know these can be thoroughly cleaned in hot soap and water minus the concern with sacrificing their natural allure and appeal.


Overall, there are not excessively many disadvantages linked to the Paulson Tophat Cane poker collection. Due to the total grade of the chips, all these certainly are a little costlier than other poker places. This can end up being quite a drawback to many thinking of the current state of the market. In addition, they may not be bought at almost any retailer.

This really is because of the copyright registration through the United States Copyright Office. They can only be bought right from the actual manufacturer or by traders that have now been specifically allowed to get them and sell them retail. Additionally, quite a few can choose never to play with the set as they are expected to increase in value on account of their general rarity.


Inside my estimation, getting the Paulson Tophat Cane poker chip set is still a sound investment decision. One of the primary causes is they will actually improve in price over time because of their minimal accessibility. In the event you choose to play with with the chips, then you’ll come to realize the high quality and the gorgeous designs are really hard to the top. Whether you’re giving the poker chip place as being a talent or storing it yourself, you will find various reasons why this collection tops the rest.

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