Animal Companion Grief Loss Strategy – Make Sure You Get the Right Animal

Not long ago, I was talking to an individual that had lost their spouse, and it had only been about three months and they were dealing with all the grief loss issues, but they didn’t wish to consult with a grief loss counselor, or go into any type of psychological therapy. They believed they were stronger than that, and didn’t want to feel helpless in that way, and they were going to do it alone. Good for them I thought, that makes sense.

Of course, you can hardly do it alone I suppose because all of your friends want to intervene and help. Sometimes they do things that cause more psychological challenges than if they had done nothing at all, but at least you know they mean well, it’s good to have friends. In discussing some of these challenges with the new acquaintance I met, I asked if she had gotten an animal to help, a pet? Well, she had considered getting a rescue animal and working through her challenges, along with any psychological baggage that the animal might’ve had.

But before she went to pound to pick out a pet in need, one of her friends gave her a cat. Unfortunately, this cat was afraid of her and didn’t want anything to do with her. In fact, the cat would run and hide under the couch or in various places throughout the house. It got into the garage, and it hid in the garage, she couldn’t go away because she was afraid the cat would have nothing to eat, she couldn’t even find a cat in her own garage. That turned out to be a big mistake, and her advice to anyone else going through this was quite simple.

Before you get an animal companion to help you with your grief loss strategy make sure you get the right animal, for the right reasons, and consider that the animal may be more traumatized than you are in your personal situation. Do you see that point? After all, if you get an animal for a companion, and it keeps running away from you, or causing you more problems than it is worth, it may be distracting you from your own challenges, but it certainly isn’t doing you any good overall.

Whereas, and animal may not be able to replace the companionship of another human, they do say that it goes a long way to helping heal psychological wounds in this regard. Of course, all that’s predicated on getting the proper animal, at the proper time, and for the right reasons. Indeed, I thought this was an interesting story, and important enough to pass this on to you. I wish you well in overcoming any hardships, or emotional challenges you do have. If you need a friend, you can contact me by e-mail.

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